Canada Golden Maple International Film Festival      2024 Vancouver

The Great Green Wall

The Great Green Wall


The Great Green Wall is a Science Documentary about Northwest China, North China and North China Shelter Forest System Project (referred to as the "Three-North Project"), which is the largest ecological restoration project in human history, with a planning time of 73 years and a planned total area of 4.069 million square kilometers. With exquisite and highly expressive aerial pictures, the film shows the arduous course and scientific and technological innovation of the Project in the past 40 years, and it has both scientific and literature value. During four years of shooting, the filming crew travelled through 13 provinces, 551 regions, and interviewed more than 100 experts, farmers and herdsmen, and model workers. The film vividly and profoundly depicted the construction process and practical significance of the Project by detailed historical materials, lively scenes and moving cases, also provided a Chinese model for the world's ecological construction.


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