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Youth Is Like A Song

Youth Is Like A Song

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陈湘和高睿是大学同学,也是情侣,从小一起⻓大,感情很好。他们一起到新疆南疆做支教工作。 初到工作岗位,陈湘和高睿都被安排在条件较好的社区工作。 可是陈湘要去农村支教,高睿对此非常生气。陈湘固执的要去附近村里的幼儿园,两人因此引发了矛 盾。 两个年轻人在农村

Chen Xiang and Gao Rui are college students and lovers. They grew up together and had a good relationship. To the south of Xinjiang to do the work of supporting education. Chen Xiang and Gao Rui were both arranged to work in the community with better conditions. But Chen Xiang wants to go to the countryside to help teach. Gao Rui is very angry about this. Chen Xiang stubbornly wants to go to the kindergarten in the nearby village, so the two people cause a conflict. Two young people saw the story of so many people struggling in the countryside. Chen Xiang's insistence eventually made her boyfriend Gao Rui change her mind gradually. They also held a grand wedding in the village where they supported the religion.


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