Canada Golden Maple International Film Festival      2024 Vancouver

We’re Connected

We’re Connected


Nowadays, we are living in a diverse world, with numberless new ideas emerging and different opinions spreading around.What powers and shapes our world? What makes people connected in an invisible way? Dong Xiaozhuang is an artist of China. He is also the founder of a experimental art project Five Continents Rendezvous , as Dong calls it, through which people can observe how strangers interacting with each other. Each year from 2011 to 2015, Dong have invited five artists from different parts of the world to join his trial. As the representatives of their own continents, these artists met in Chengdu and worked together for one to three months. Planting in a totally new soil, with no translation service to facilitate or any presupposed topics , each of them had to grope for solutions to break the ice. In 2018, six artists received the same invitation from Chengdu and they would start an unusual cooperation, what would happen to them?The 65-minute documentary ,We’re Connected can be viewed as a truthful account of the interactive experimental art.


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